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Welcome to The Curtiss Group, the place to think BIGGER!

Welcome to The Curtiss Group, the place to think BIGGER!

Our founder Curt Curtiss has built several successful businesses such as, Hosting Direct, Name Rocket, Florida Premiere Properties, Unique Property Group, Full Octane Insurance, Full Octane Homes and Full Octane Garage automotive media group from the ground up and he is now onto his next business venture. He is looking for a few self motivated leaders to join him on this journey with the plan of building great wealth for all involved.

Curt comes from a military background (enlisted rank in the Air Force) and he started his career with pretty much nothing to his name. Through the years of hard knocks he has learned how to become wildly successful and now he wants to show others what to avoid in their journey to success.

A few years ago he recognized as a society we are not teaching our next generation how to start building great wealth early, like before they leave college or the military with loads of debt.

The program Curt has developed is designed to help anyone who is motivated to build great wealth along with a residual income stream. It is never too late to get started. Even if your dorm room days are far behind, we have something for everyone!

Entrepreneur Opportunities

We are looking to help a few self motivated individuals who are interested in a part time or full time income generating opportunity. We will provide you with all of the systems, tools and training you need for immediate success.

We have a limited number of positions available, this is because we normally focus on working with no more then 3 to 5 new team members at any given time. This enables us give each new team member the proper focus and attention required to ensure success. Work part time or full time, you can go slow or you can go fast. If you are interested in us mentoring, coaching and teaching you how to be successful in our business then you will want to contact us ASAP so we can get started.  We build successful teams and we want you to grow with us!